My commitment to improve every Rancho Cordova neighborhood has earned me the support of:

Elected Officials
Ken Cooley, California State Assemblymember
Jim Cooper, California State Assemblymember, Cordova High Alum

Patrick Kennedy, Sacramento County Supervisors, Cordova High Alum
Don Nottoli, Sacramento County Supervisors

David Sander, Rancho Cordova City Council
Linda Budge, Rancho Cordova City Council
Robert McGarvey, Rancho Cordova City Council
Dan Skoglund, Rancho Cordova City Council

Nancy Bui-Thompson, President of the Board at Sacramento Utilities District
Carmine Forcina, School Board Member, Elk Grove Unified School District
Zak Ford, Folsom Cordova Unified School District
Chris Clark, School Board Member Elect Folsom Cordova Unified
Michael Minnick, School Board Member Elect, Sac City Unified
Mai Vang, School Board Member Elect, Sac City Unified

Gary Davis Mayor of Elk Grove, Cordova High Alum
Larry Carr, Sacramento City Council
Jay Schenirer, Sacramento City Council
Eric Guerra, Sacramento City Council
Chris Ledesma, West Sacramento City Council

California Apartment Association Political Action Committee
North State Building Industry Association
Region Business
Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association
Sacramento County Democratic Party
Sacramento Metro Chamber Political Action Committee
Sacramento Association of Realtors
Sacramento Builders Exchange Political Action Committee
Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce
Sacramento County Labor Council
Sacramento Building Trades Council

I would be honored to have your support. Call me at 662-5027 to talk about how we can improve our city.